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Welcome to Paper Feelings
What is Paper Feelings?
Paper Feelings is a collection of 984 digitized stamps of real letters that were written between 1950 and 1986 by the grandmother of one of our team members and her lover, whom they met in 1944 and did not see each other until 75 years later.
Our Story
dreams of finding their soul mate, a true partner, with whom it is easy to go through life. My grandmother Magdalena Kavalsky was very lucky - she fell in love with the perfect guy at a young age, and it was mutual. They could live happily ever after and die on the same day, but fate, as you know, has its own plans. They were destined to part, and wait 75 years for the next meeting. But feelings have not faded during this time ...
The height of World War II. A 24-year-old soldier and an 18-year-old spectacular Pole. Well, how can you not believe in non-random meetings? The lovers spoke different languages ​​and sometimes did not even understand each other. And has anyone ever been able to convey real feelings with the help of words? Emotions, touches, smells can tell much more about love. After 2 months, Vasya left for the front, leaving his beloved only a photo and a promise: “I will definitely return and take you to me, just write to me ...”. On the other side of the photo, he left his home address.
wrote letters to him almost every day, sent her photos, although she knew that he would not read them before the end of the war. However Vasya did not return for her. In his first letter, he said that after the war he went home to Kiev and met another girl, but at the same time he continued to write, the spark did not die out even after so much time. They corresponded for many years until Magdalena got married and moved with her husband to another city, it seemed to her that it was wrong to communicate with a man being married. She was hurt, in the depths of her soul she was still offended by him that he did not take her as promised, and reluctantly she cut off the correspondence.
lived a bright and interesting life, but all this time he was haunted by memories of that young Pole, whose photo he kept for 75 years. Not surprisingly, the journalists of the Kiev newspaper to whom the 97-year-old veteran once told this story rushed to help. Correspondents tracked down my grandmother and arranged a date for the lovers in the small Polish town where they first met.
immediately recognized each other and, throwing themselves into an embrace, confessed their feelings to each other. Again in different languages, like 75 years ago. Vasya showed her an old photo of her. The couple talked for a long time and in parting, he gave her letters and an album with stamps, which he collected throughout the mail correspondence and promised that they would definitely meet. I want to believe that this time he will keep his promise.
touching love story through war, years and distance deserves to be told to everyone!
Our main goal is to perpetuate feelings around the world. To do this, we implement our strategy in several stages:
you purchase a token from the collection, you become a member of our NFT owners' private club, which means that our team begins to work overtime to realize the additional benefits and the main goal of creating the collection.
you join a private club, you will receive an invitation to a specialized community and get the right to vote (you will be able to offer your ideas, the best ones will be put forward for a general vote to make a general decision on implementation, all vote holders will be able to vote "for" or "against" the implementation of future projects).
an NFT from the Paper Feelings collection is sold, voting rights will be terminated, provided that the participant no longer has any other NFTs from that collection.
will allocate 20% of the royalties to the community fund for marketing expenses, future developments, releases and events, etc. After the sale of the collection closes, voting members will come together via videoconference and vote on how we should spend the fund's money.
will be donating royalties to various organizations with goals similar to ours to help make the world a little better and happier.
will allocate 40% of the profits for the realization of the main goal of creating the collection, namely to immortalize feelings around the world, by installing photo booths with free photos in major cities of the world and their further maintenance (photo booth depreciation, covering the cost of photo paper, etc.). We want people to share their feelings not only with each other, but also to capture them in a photograph. So that everyone, regardless of earnings, can take a picture for free with someone who is not indifferent to him.
Paper Feelings Club will buy a piece of land in the Sandbox metaverse to house a photo booth, each photo in the metaverse will be tagged with the club's logo, which will allow us to draw more attention to our project. Private events for exclusive members of the Paper feelings club. Parties will be organized for the exchange of experience and networking in the areas of NFT, investment, blockchain. Club members will be able to vote for the upcoming event and the location in which it will take place.
entire collection is divided into several sets (3 base, 3 advanced, 3 expert).The main task of the participants is to assemble a set.
marketing (to convey our noble goal to everyone involved in the NFT.
minting and release of the entire collection, the auction closes, then each holder is granted the ownership and commercial use rights for their NFTs.
of the collection before the open sale
Public publication.
Start of sales.
of a private club "Paper Feelings".
one of the participants of the event managed to collect a kit, he receives a cash prize in the amount of 50% of the initial cost of the kit and is declared the winner of collecting this kit.
owners also get the right to receive a portion of royalties depending on the rarity of their kit (base - 1% of the monthly royalty, advanced - 1.5%, expert - 2%). The reward is paid once a month, equivalent to the number of days the participant owns this kit.
collecting the set, you can become a winner only 1 time. Each set will only have 1 winner.
winner must declare himself to the administrator of the collection, after which the administrator checks and fixes the participant in the register of winners. Fixes the right of the participant to pay % of royalties depending on the rarity of the set in proportion to the number of days of ownership of the set.
the participant has declared ownership of the kit to the collection administrator, he is not a winner and does not receive the declared prize and will not be included in the register for the right to receive % of royalties.
We are Family. What legacy we leave behind is up to us to decide, we will let the community vote and decide together.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Paper Feelings?
Paper Feelings is a collection of 984 digitized stamps of real letters that were written between 1950 and 1986 by the grandmother of one of our team members and her lover, whom they met in 1944 and did not see each other until 75 years later.
What is a lottery ticket?
When buying a lottery ticket, before the launch of the collection, you buy yourself a membership in the closed Paper Feelings club and get the right to vote in voting, after the start of sales you get a random collectible NFT stamp that will allow you to collect a rarer set to complete the task and win a prize.
Can I take a look at my NFTs?
You can admire your new addition to the collection on OpenSea. Until that happens, join our Discord, Twitter and Telegram channels for a look at our amazing art.
How can I buy NFTs from the Paper Feelings collection?
You can purchase NFTs from the Paper Feelings collection right on this landing page with Ethereum (ETH) using the MetaMask extension.
How can I contact the team?
Join our Discord, Twitter and Telegram. We are well aware that it is impossible to cover all your questions in the FAQ, so feel free to ask any questions you have. All necessary information will be published on Discord, Twitter and Telegram.
Paper Feelings is an exciting, interactive NFT experience built around a passionate community.
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